Emilia D’Anza

David quickly rolled-up his sleeves and laid out a strategic plan to optimize the company’s website and delivery of services. His careful analysis, his patience with training and mentoring a new team, his leadership experience and his presentation skills quickly became invaluable to Red Envelope. David is not only an expert in digital analytics and testing, you can also count on him to get the job done with a smile. Another plus of working with David is that his positive energy is infectious and proliferates throughout the organization.

Dan Stephens

Dave is an expert in Data and Analytics field and has been the driving force behind building partnerships with emerging technologies in the product analytics segment. Dave has foresight and vision to identify new trends in the market and is relentless in the pursuit of bringing best in class solutions to his customers.
Dave’s passion for customer insights and drive make working alongside of him, so much fun! I learnt a lot!

Boston Youth Wrestling

Wow! I am really impressed and humbled by the amount of knowledge Dave has on the subject and is willing to share. He took the time to disseminate in clarifying soundbites a WBS parallel for Marketing that I could understand and follow through on. He had great feedback overall for the organization and I could tell that he loves what he does and enjoys the consultation process. I already have a team meeting scheduled to get the ball rolling. I really appreciate your help!

Kristi Sparks

David was assertive and very knowledgeable from the outset of the project. After he asked appropriate questions and engaged in research, he offered suggestions that were very beneficial to our organization. He went beyond the analysis and stepped into our shoes a bit to help us think of some changes needed to improve our goals.

CASA of Morris and Sussez Counties

It was fantastic to speak with David- he has excellent communication skills; he was able to outline best practices and gave a wealth of advice regarding our donation pages which I look forward to implementing. David truly understood what I was looking to know and was patient in making sure I understood how best to get started with improvements to the site.