Regional Theatre of the Palouse

David is a fantastic facilitator! He helped me understand how to make a SWOT matrix and more importantly how I could use it. His questions guided me to points I never considered. With this new tool and David’s insight, my organization is able to identify how to grow and avoid potential mishaps.

Community Improvement Association of the Oranges

The conversation went well. We covered basics of building a website using the assistance of a local college student in Computer Science. The information is very helpful just will take time to implement.

Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia

David was so enthusiastic and helpful in teaching me about our Google Analytics and SEO. His tremendous intelligence and insight were extremely welcome as we attempt to better maintain and increase our agency’s web presence.


David was excellent! He outlined for me several goals and tools that could help maximize the our audience reach and the eblast look and feel. Thank you so much David.

South Carolina Aquarium

David was assertive and very knowledgeable fro the onset of the project. After he asked appropriate questions and engaged in research, he offered suggestions that were very beneficial to our organization. He went beyond the analyses an stepped into our shoes a bit to help us think of some changes needed to improve our goals.


I believe David was an excellent mentor. He also lent great assistance to troubleshoot the various communication difficulties we faced, and most importantly, provided a clear and concise presentation as a result of the exchange. I am overall very happy with his involvement, and would easily recommend him to others who seek an experienced mentor to work with.

Zack Gottlieb

David is an experienced professional who understands the intricacies involved with gathering deep insights through Analytics. He was always ready to take on new challenges and embraced the role of educator as well as expert. I would recommend working with David to any company looking to have an immediate impact on their bottom line.

Zachariah Crittendon

David helped our business build a process and governance framework for A/B Testing and his expertise in both testing and process helped us take our program to the next level.