Your potential customers are trying to talk to you – Are you set up to listen to them?

Drive more users to product trial through analytics

Enterprises need a digital analytics Center of Excellence to compete effectively. You’ve heard of ‘competing on analytics’ but are wondering how to make that happen.

To deliver the most compelling online experience, enterprise level organizations need to move toward a more customer-focused mindset by understanding consumer wants and expectations. They need an optimal experience matched to where they are in the customer lifecycle journey path.

New visitors want brand awareness and a general understanding of what the enterprise offers while more engaged customers need product-specific information to make their buying decision. Competing on analytics is understanding this difference and using behavioral data to build segmented, effective online marketing programs.

How do you build a data-centric culture with all teams focused on developing product, programs and services for the end-user in mind? What cultural attributes are necessary to develop this change? Is your organization ready for this shift…?

ConvertClick Digital Analytics can help shape this vision…

  • audit your team’s skill set, processes and current technologies against best-in-class and emerging thought leadership
  • advanced optimization opportunities (beyond A/B testing) taking advantage of targeting
  • desing personalization programmomg

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  • We can keep up. We are a small agency that can move quickly, within an agile environment and provide value in near-term
  • We have a decade of experience working with start-ups
  • We understand specific concerns for start-ups, including VC involvement
  • We are open to creative cost structure ideas, such as equity compensation, if we can stand behind your product concept

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